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A Clothing Accessory and jewelry brand, born out of passion, dedication towards providing you the best. A concept store with unique designs and handmade products.

Our aim is to manufacture smart products, where we innovate unique, comfortable, creative design, that best suits different individual self. 

Women owned, women supported, women made, women run business.

Having jewelry at its start, i9 believes in research and developing unique piece of jewelry designs where each piece made can be used in multiple ways.

Some of our products have a attachable and detachable quality, like brooch, necklace, belts that are designed differently, they can be attached or detached on the go. Since they are attachable and detachable piece of art, they can be used in multiple ways, on different dresses, and each way of wearing our “i9” product can create a total new look.

Travelers friendly, as they are not made of precious material like gold or platinum, they can be carried anywhere without having to be bothered about the safety

Time is precious: our products help working women, college girls and graduate and more, save time in getting dressed for any occasion, may it be after party, house worming, get-together, birthday party etc. just pick a piece of “i9” jewelry from your bag and clip it on.


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