Fashion Illustration Types and Techniques

Course Title:

Fashion Illustration Types and Techniques

Course Duration: 3 hours

Course Description: This 3-hour course on Fashion Illustration Types and Techniques is designed to introduce students to the diverse world of fashion illustration. From sketching to digital rendering, this course covers a wide range of techniques and styles used in fashion illustration. Whether you’re an aspiring fashion designer or just interested in fashion, this course will help you develop your illustration skills and explore various styles and methods used in the industry.

Course Outline:

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Module 1: Introduction to Fashion Illustration (30 minutes)

1.1. What is Fashion Illustration? 1.2. The importance of Fashion Illustration in the industry 1.3. Historical overview of fashion illustration 1.4. Tools and materials for fashion illustration

Module 2: Basic Sketching Techniques (30 minutes)

2.1. Understanding body proportions and poses 2.2. Sketching the fashion figure 2.3. Basic fashion poses 2.4. Rendering fabric and textures

Module 3: Fashion Illustration Styles (45 minutes)

3.1. Realistic Fashion Illustration

  • Detailed anatomy and proportions
  • Shading and highlights
  • Working with different art mediums (pencils, markers, watercolors)

3.2. Stylized and Abstract Fashion Illustration

  • Exploring unique and abstract styles
  • Using bold lines and geometric shapes
  • Minimalistic and avant-garde approaches

3.3. Vintage Fashion Illustration

  • Exploring historical styles
  • Understanding the evolution of fashion illustration

Q&A and Discussion (30 minutes)

9.1. Open discussion and Q&A session

9.2. Addressing individual questions and concerns

Head Designer at i9 Fashion and studios, Brand owner and content creator at i9Fashion and I9 Academy.

By the end of this 3-hour course, students will have gained a comprehensive understanding of fashion illustration, Additionally, they will have valuable insights into potential career paths in the fashion industry related to illustration.

Conducted BY Eyenine Syeda

Head Designer at i9 Fashion and studios, Brand owner and content creator at i9Fashion and i9 Academy.

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