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Fashion designing and tailoring courses can be excellent educational pathways for individuals interested in the fashion industry, but the value of such courses can vary depending on various factors. Here's an expert opinion on fashion designing and tailoring courses: Fashion designing and tailoring courses provide practical skills that are essential for anyone looking to enter the fashion industry. These courses typically cover a range of topics such as pattern making, garment construction, fashion illustration, and fabric selection. Developing these skills is crucial for a career in fashion design or tailoring. These courses encourage and nurture creativity and innovation. They teach students how to translate their design ideas into tangible garments and how to experiment with different materials and techniques. Tailoring courses, in particular, are essential for individuals interested in becoming skilled tailors. Tailoring involves precision and attention to detail, and these courses provide hands-on training in creating custom-fitted garments.

A Center to train young and old minds in upgraded skill and help them work around different technical and non technical design concepts.

At at i9 Academy we train women, Girls and children’s from various background into fashion related skill like Apparel making, Jewelry making, Fashion illustration, Clothing and pattern designing, with an effort to give an enhanced skill based career to both privileged and underprivileged people.

Skills are the best tool and the basic needs of human being, with people becoming fashion conscious. With change in fashion & style, the stitching of garment also changes. Hence keeping in view the market demand and change fashion technology, courses on cutting, tailoring & dress making have been suitably designed in the structure of non formal education. Mostly our beneficiaries are new literates and people with low education levels.   

 Keeping with present demand in this modern time, people are concerned about their appearance & thus pay great attention to their body, dress & makeup. There has been a steep rise in people visiting beauty parlors/saloons/clinics for taking the services of beauticians for makeup hair cutting & setting, application of hair color/dye etc. Makeup & hair dressing has become a part of daily life special among working girls & women. Thus one can find such parlors in every locality. This has created a great demand for trained personnel in beauty culture. There are good employment opportunities in this trade. Keeping in view the modern trend in beauty culture & the demand for trained personnel we at i9 Academy train students in Fashion and Beauty related courses. 

Program Specific Outcomes

  The students will have strong foundation in designing and have the ability to visually represent it by illustrations, photographs, graphics and visual display of merchandise. 

 The students will be able to convert their design into a product or a garment using appropriate construction techniques.  The students will be able to understand and analyze the market trends and design market friendly, sustainable, ethically viable and client friendly designs and products. 

Students will be able to work as a team in any organization and become accomplished or successful Designers, Entrepreneurs or Industry ready professionals.

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