Santalum Wax Powder-100gms

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Santalum Wax Powder

This is a unique product for smooth flawless skin without any pain, itching, or redness.

This Santalum wax powder is blended with natural ingredients such as Multani mitti, Sandalwood powder, etc,

Our painless unwanted hair removal powder is premium, high-quality handmade powder.

This removes the unwanted hair without any pain, irritation, etching or so on. It helps in giving brighten skin, removing tan and gives better results than parlors/Salons.

Suitable to all skin types.



  • It’s painless, and removes unwanted hairs easily
  • Gives the skin brightened glow
  • Suitable for all skin types
  • Economic price (Cost-effective) and easy to use.


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