Blue Sea Whipped Brightening Soap- 50gms

300.00 Tax included

Whipped soap is more likely a foaming body butter than actual soap. 

It is 100% lye-free cream-based soap, which feels like a cream and works as a soap. They are loaded with rich properties of the oil. 

It is soft, creamy, and whipped to perfection for a mood-boosting experience in your bath| or shower and gives you a luxurious feel

The whipped soap keeps your skin hydrated and moisturized and helps you fight many Skin concerns.



  • Moisture your skin and keeps it hydrated and smoothness the skin
  • It helps in treating Tan, Seen burns, Anti pigmentation.
  • Helps in reducing blemishes, dark spots, scars, and prevents acne.
  • It gives your skin a glow and brightness.
  • Remove excess oil from your face
  • It gives you relaxing feel post your shower | bath.


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