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Types of jewelries’

Bridal Jewellery

Jewelry helps in enhancing one’s beauty. It also symbolizes wealth, power, and status. For some, jewelry is a form of art for self and creative expression. Then, there are some people who use jewelry as part of their tradition and…


Handmade jewelry has been a sought after closet staple for decades. Whether it’s the only kind of jewelry you buy or something you picked up on vacation, you have at least one piece of handmade jewelry.   WHAT IS…

i9 jewelry

I9 Jewelry

*WHY I9* The *I* embodies the unique _identity_ & _individuality_ of each woman.The *9* represents the enigmatic *Navratan* . The significance of the Navratan dates back to the history of jewelry itself! Sankrit for nine jems, it constitutes the nine…